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Here at Coldwell Banker Property Management, we provide committed Property Management. We enjoy helping homeowners harvest the benefits of owning a rental property. We help remove the stressful thoughts that any rental owner may have by taking on the duties of managing your rental property so you can have the time to spend with your family.

Matt Ivie » Property Manager
Picture of Matt Ivie
Matt Ivie has been a resident in St George for the past 21 years, and hopes to grow his own family in this beautiful area. Matt is an experienced Property Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Determined yet calm, caring with charisma, Matt Ivie is your guy!

His personal motto “Doing whatever it takes…and then some”. Matt’s core values have driven him in life. Working with others as they make life changing decisions he stays focused on accomplishing the task at hand.

Serving others is a passion, helping others get what they want and need drives him, and working until the job is done is his character. Because of his results driven work ethic coupled with his naturally calm nature its not a surprise that he has been asked throughout his life by coaches, religious/scout leaders, and parents to lead others. If you are looking for someone to work until the job is done, Matt Ivie is your guy! You will love making a new life long friend in Matt.